GB Embossing excels at embossing roll pattern development.

In discussing whether function or appearance is more important when it comes to tissue and towel embossers, the answer is a definite ‘yes’ from GB Embossing customers. The expectation they have that our tissue and towel embossers deliver on both variables is a key reason why embossing roll pattern development is a critical step in the manufacturing process.

GB Embossing’s experienced technicians work with customers to dial in specific performance and appearance attributes for new tissue and towel embossers as well as roll repair efforts. Producers are constantly looking to stay one step ahead of the competition, and fine-tuning the patterns on embossers is an effective step in the product development process.

Rebranding your existing products or simply introducing “new and improved” versions gives you the opportunity to make waves in the marketplace and generate consumer awareness. The first step in ensuring your products achieve the desired results is developing high-quality tissue and towel embossers that are Made in the USA.

Digital technology helps perfect tissue and towel embossers

Technology has evolved when it comes to producing the intricate patterns found on tissue and towel embossers. We use 3D imaging today in creating and replicating custom patterns that previously relied on molds and AutoCAD drawings.

Our 3D scanner captures accurate images from a flat sample, from which our technicians convert the patterns into a format usable by a laser scanner. The accuracy level possible with digital technology is considerably better than with the old mold techniques.

GB Embossing’s customers benefit from the shared capabilities accessible within the Precisions Roll Solutions family of companies. Our own pilot line’s ability to run tests on your patterns to see how well they work provides an additional advantage.

Investing in precise tissue and towel embossers is an important step for producers looking to leverage increasingly fast line speeds without sacrificing quality. Enlisting our team early in the process enhances the probability that your embossers will perform exactly as you envision.