GB Embossing Tissue Roll

Tissue embossers are your ticket to improved performance

GB Embossing works with customers to dial in functional attributes

Tissue embossers play a major role in the ability of consumer products producers to stay ahead of the competition. Embossing roll pattern development from GB Embossing is the first step toward achieving your goals whether the objective is enhanced functionality, appearance or both.

Our experienced technicians use advanced technology to make fine adjustments to your tissue embossers all the way through complete embossing roll pattern overhauls, depending on your needs. GB Embossing customers realize that standing still is not an option in such a competitive marketplace.

American-made tissue embossers from GB Embossing provide the added benefits of quality control, ease of communication, and the avoidance of supply chain issues that plague overseas producers. Our presence within the Precision Roll Solutions family of companies creates access to shared capabilities not available from most tissue embosser producers.

3D imaging helps us create and reproduce patterns on tissue embossers

GB Embossing technicians use a 3D scanner to replicate the intricate patterns on tissue and towel embossers that previously existed only on molds and AutoCAD drawings. The scanner and other digital technology allows our team to attain exceptional pattern accuracy from a flat sample.

Securing high-quality tissue embossers that feature specific performance and appearance attributes is essential to any rebranding efforts or announcements of new and improved products. You can leverage the availability of our own pilot line to run tests on your patterns prior to introducing them to your operations.

Bringing our team into the tissue pattern development process in its early stages increases efficiencies by minimizing timelines and ensuring quality is optimized for your target line speed. We offer embossing roll repair as well as the manufacture of new tissue embossers in covering the full range of your needs.

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Market demand increases importance of tissue pattern development

GB Embossing has the capacity to keep pace with tissue and napkin producers

Tissue pattern development has moved to the forefront of the converting industry as the demand for high-quality, higher-margin consumer products continues to climb. The number of people working remotely has skyrocketed during the pandemic, resulting in increased demand for napkins, and rolled and folded tissues for home use rather than institutional settings.

The combination of tissue pattern development experience and roll production capacity of GB Embossing provides an American-based supply solution for tissue and towel embossers. In addition to our own embossing capabilities, we have access to a total of 47 engraving stands as part of the USA-based Precision Roll Solutions family of companies.

Tissue pattern development has become an even more crucial aspect of your business as the market has gravitated toward higher consumer volumes. That means end-user markets are increasingly demanding and attentive to embossed products. GB Embossing fills that need with tissue pattern development for new rolls as well as refurbished and repaired embossing rolls.

Tissue pattern development differentiates your products

Best practices call for involving our technical team as early in the tissue pattern development process as possible. Our graphics department can collaborate with customer teams from project inception to dial in precise performance and appearance characteristics.

We are able to take equipment variables into account to ensure each specific tissue pattern development effort results in optimal performance. This holds true even in cases where the basic pattern remains largely unchanged. Upgrades in equipment and run speeds can generate a need for tissue pattern development tweaks that make it possible for the production floor to take advantage.

We have 3D scanners and the latest engraving technology at our disposal, and our USA-based facilities mean you don’t have to worry about international supply chain issues in receiving your embossing rolls on time. The GB Embossing team includes technicians with as much as 40 years of experience in the industry. We’ve seen it all during that time from short-term trends to longer-term solutions.

About GB Embossing

GB Embossing offers custom embossing rolls and embossing machines for customers operating in a variety of paper, tissue, foil, film and nonwoven markets. GB Embossing’s comprehensive services include roll refurbishment, pattern development, and design and production of embossing and calendering equipment. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

For more information about tissue pattern development or GB Embossing’s design and manufacturing capabilities, please call 920-339-9019, or visit

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Tissue and towel embossers deliver function and appearance

GB Embossing excels at embossing roll pattern development.

In discussing whether function or appearance is more important when it comes to tissue and towel embossers, the answer is a definite ‘yes’ from GB Embossing customers. The expectation they have that our tissue and towel embossers deliver on both variables is a key reason why embossing roll pattern development is a critical step in the manufacturing process.

GB Embossing’s experienced technicians work with customers to dial in specific performance and appearance attributes for new tissue and towel embossers as well as roll repair efforts. Producers are constantly looking to stay one step ahead of the competition, and fine-tuning the patterns on embossers is an effective step in the product development process.

Rebranding your existing products or simply introducing “new and improved” versions gives you the opportunity to make waves in the marketplace and generate consumer awareness. The first step in ensuring your products achieve the desired results is developing high-quality tissue and towel embossers that are Made in the USA.

Digital technology helps perfect tissue and towel embossers

Technology has evolved when it comes to producing the intricate patterns found on tissue and towel embossers. We use 3D imaging today in creating and replicating custom patterns that previously relied on molds and AutoCAD drawings.

Our 3D scanner captures accurate images from a flat sample, from which our technicians convert the patterns into a format usable by a laser scanner. The accuracy level possible with digital technology is considerably better than with the old mold techniques.

GB Embossing’s customers benefit from the shared capabilities accessible within the Precisions Roll Solutions family of companies. Our own pilot line’s ability to run tests on your patterns to see how well they work provides an additional advantage.

Investing in precise tissue and towel embossers is an important step for producers looking to leverage increasingly fast line speeds without sacrificing quality. Enlisting our team early in the process enhances the probability that your embossers will perform exactly as you envision.

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Established Roll Brands Represented by Precision Roll Solutions

Family of brands creates a larger manufacturing footprint to provide efficiencies for converters.

Green Bay, WI – Precision Roll Solutions announces the integration of well-known industrial roll suppliers MECA SolutionsIndustrial Engraving, and GB Embossing in Wisconsin, and IR Engraving in Virginia, while maintaining critical leadership, technical, and applications knowledge at each manufacturing facility. To further support collaboration, the company has hired industry veteran Mark Hines as VP of Business Development. Mr. Hines will draw upon decades of experience in paper, tissue converting, and packaging to ensure that customers are able to leverage the vast network of precision roll experts throughout the company.

Together the brands boast a manufacturing footprint to better serve customers throughout the Americas, as well as combined resources to meet virtually any roll need. Technologies such as direct-to-steel engraving, chemical etching, laser engraving, 3D digital scanning, and a state-of-the-art pilot line testing center improve efficiency for new roll development. In-house grinding and repair capabilities to remove old patterns and refurbish rolls for re-engraving remain in place at each location.

“Each brand within the Precision Roll Solutions family has a specialty that we will continue to honor as we move forward”, said Matt Pursel, CEO. “Each logo has been modernized to reflect our shared resources and collaborative approach while maintaining the trust and recognition we have each worked so hard to earn.”

About Precision Roll Solutions
Precision Roll Solutions is a family of roll specialists, each with unique skills gained over years of experience serving the world’s most discerning brands. Together, they help leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact; from tissue, plastic films, and nonwovens to heavy gauge embossed metal and everything in between.

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Embossing roll pattern development responds to market demands

GB Embossing helps tissue producers with aesthetics and function

Embossing roll pattern development fulfills a critical step in the embossed roll repair and production process. GB Embossing provides pattern development completely in-house or in collaboration with customer teams to zero in on precise appearance and performance characteristics.

While some roll patterns remain virtually unchanged for years, new products, rebranding of existing products, and changing market demands make embossing roll pattern development a consistent part of overall product development. Tissue producers, in particular, are always searching for embossing roll pattern designs that serve a functional purpose as well as look good aesthetically.

Experience matters in embossing roll pattern development

Our experienced technicians – some of whom have been with GB Embossing for more than 40 years – have the ability to complete the embossing roll pattern development process from scratch or apply a customer-provided pattern. We can apply patterns to new rolls as well as refurbished rolls as part of our embossed roll repair services.

Getting our team involved early in the embossing roll pattern development process ensures continuity of thought and a singular focus on objectives. The tissue manufacturing process is more complex than ever, with bigger machines running faster speeds than their predecessors.

Pattern development takes equipment variables into account while customizing each pattern to meet specific requirements. Experience in this ever-changing industry and attention to marketplace trends sets GB Embossing apart as a leader in embossing roll pattern development.

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Embossed roll repair saves time and money for converters

GB Embossing provides cost-effective embossed roll repair and re-engraving

As tempting as it is to ride out that shiny new embossing roll until the pattern is no longer viable, converters are finding the sooner they invest in embossed roll repair or re-engraving services, the more they can reduce expenses in the long run. GB Embossing works with preventive maintenance teams to minimize downtime and maximize the value of these capital-intensive assets.

Embossed roll repair can shave a significant amount off costs compared to a fully re-engraved roll or investing in a new roll, sometimes up to 90 percent. Depending on the severity of the damage, our technicians may be able to complete repairs in the field using portable grinders and other tools. We recently performed an in-house embossed roll repair for a major customer that brought that roll back into service within a week.

Our team has expertise in embossed roll repair for rolls of all shapes and sizes, including wide embossing rolls. Catching damage early on may be able to limit downtime for the affected roll to as little as a week compared to 6-8 weeks for a fully re-engraved roll.

Monitor your rolls to limit embossed roll repair needs

GB Embossing recommends our customers monitor the condition of their rolls for early detection of potential issues. Embossed roll repair projects can be as simple as re-chrome plating and as extensive as re-engraving. While re-engraving is a longer and most costly process than a simple repair, it is still significantly less expensive than investing in a brand new roll.

Some of our customers include periodic visits from our technicians as part of their preventive maintenance plan. GB Embossing technicians will produce a status report that aids in schedule and budget creation, along with performing embossed roll repair services as appropriate.

GB Embossing is part of a multi-facility footprint that features best-in-class capabilities through our parent company, Precision Roll Solutions. Our combined over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space delivers industry-leading design, application, prototyping, and production expertise for embossed roll repair and other continuous web operation-related assets.

Ask about our preventative maintenance plans and emergency services here or call (920) 339-9019 to get started.

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Wide embossing rolls provide additional converting capabilities

GB Embossing produces wide embossing rolls that meet converters’ needs

GB Embossing’s ability to produce wide embossing rolls featuring custom patterns is an example of the flexibility that leaders in the converting industry value in an embossing rolls supplier.

The definition of what qualifies as wide embossing rolls varies by converter and the equipment operating in the mill. We have the ability to engrave virtually any roll length from as short as 2 inches to well over 100 inches, with timely delivery to mills throughout the USA.

Regardless of your definition for wide embossing rolls, GB Embossing’s team is committed to delivering high-quality embossing rolls that meet your requirements. We differentiate ourselves through ease of communication and production excellence that make GB Embossing the supplier of choice for converters worldwide.

Wide embossing rolls help converters adjust to market changes

Consumer products continue to evolve as market conditions dictate. Producers of products such as bath tissue, kitchen towels and folded napkins depend on our expertise with wide embossing rolls and pattern development to create the high-quality look that consumers expect.

Custom pattern development is the key to a successful end product. Our expert technicians can develop patterns that meet customer specifications from scratch, along with using 3D image technology to produce precise patterns from customer-provided samples.

We use a 3D scanner to produce a digital map from your sample and transform it into a format we can use to laser-engrave wide embossing rolls. The exceptional accuracy of this technology produces unmatched pattern reproduction quality, with the added benefit of minimized lead times.

Contact us for a quote regarding wide embossing rolls or other services we offer that maximize your converting profitability.

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Laser Engraved Roll

3D scanner generates reliable images for laser engraved rolls

Laser engraved rolls are ideal for tissue and towel test runs

GB Embossing is now able to use 3D image technology to precisely duplicate different depths of patterns in creating or reproducing laser engraved rolls. The process involves laser-scanning the pattern off a roll, flat plate or sample of material, and using that data to generate the software to create a pattern, whether it is male or female. 

These techniques are especially effective when replicating embossing rolls in which a section is worn, or all that remains is a sample of material produced. The laser can scan limited sections where pattern integrity is not lost, and then use those images in the manufacturing process.

Laser engraved rolls are faster to produce than the old tooling methods

In addition to the accuracy that lasers provide, speed is another benefit of this technology. This is especially the case for patterns and customers that are new to our process. The amount of time it takes the laser to create a  pattern on a roll body, by using a 3D scanned image, is significantly less than the traditional tool creation process. Laser test rolls are the norm today. Our customers in the tissue and towel markets now use laser test rolls when they are looking to create new patterns to show their customers. Consistent quality, bolstered by our 3D imaging capabilities, has made GB Embossing the preferred supplier of laser engraved rolls for customers throughout North America. 

Decades of experience paired with new technology

Access to 3D scanning and laser engraving technologies has increased significantly for GB since joining forces with similar industry-leading roll providers MECA Solutions, IR Engraving, and IE Engraving. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

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