Creating Embossing Rolls is an artistic production process that requires the specialized skills of craftsmen.  In addition to applying patterns to new rolls, we provide cost-effective, re-engraving services that extend the life of your existing rolls.

For decades, our machines and embossing rolls have benchmarked industries using rigid and flexible plastics, Tissue/Towel, Napkins, fine paper, nonwovens, metals, packaging and many more.  GB Embossing manufactures embossing production rolls that impart uniform patterns and engineered applications to a wide spectrum of consumer products.

Our patterns are both aesthetic and functional, for example, our precision engraved rolls enhance the:

  • beauty and appeal of the instrument and door panels of your automobile
  • appearance and absorption of paper towels and toilet tissue
  • authenticity of architectural materials for your home
  • strength and porosity of filtration media

To accommodate today’s fast paced manufacturing environment, we have developed complete digital engraving technologies for efficient use by our customers and designers. We have the versatility to quickly customize, design, and reproduce patterns ranging from fine leather grains to large geometric patterns. Rapid prototype samples are available in days or, if scheduled in advance, may be developed in real time. Once the baseline design is established, patterns can be easily modified for a custom appearance dependent on the needs of the application and design.

Additionally, we have the industry’s leading pattern library, offering our customers over 100,000 standard designs. Many of these patterns have been hand cut by our leading craftsman and not easily replicated by other engraving methods.

Customers are always welcome to visit our design centers to develop a new generation of patterns.