Laser Engraved Roll
Laser engraved roll in process.

Laser engraved rolls are ideal for tissue and towel test runs

GB Embossing is now able to use 3D image technology to precisely duplicate different depths of patterns in creating or reproducing laser engraved rolls. The process involves laser-scanning the pattern off a roll, flat plate or sample of material, and using that data to generate the software to create a pattern, whether it is male or female. 

These techniques are especially effective when replicating embossing rolls in which a section is worn, or all that remains is a sample of material produced. The laser can scan limited sections where pattern integrity is not lost, and then use those images in the manufacturing process.

Laser engraved rolls are faster to produce than the old tooling methods

In addition to the accuracy that lasers provide, speed is another benefit of this technology. This is especially the case for patterns and customers that are new to our process. The amount of time it takes the laser to create a  pattern on a roll body, by using a 3D scanned image, is significantly less than the traditional tool creation process. Laser test rolls are the norm today. Our customers in the tissue and towel markets now use laser test rolls when they are looking to create new patterns to show their customers. Consistent quality, bolstered by our 3D imaging capabilities, has made GB Embossing the preferred supplier of laser engraved rolls for customers throughout North America. 

Decades of experience paired with new technology

Access to 3D scanning and laser engraving technologies has increased significantly for GB since joining forces with similar industry-leading roll providers MECA Solutions, IR Engraving, and IE Engraving. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.