Embossing Rolls

Precision engraved rolls to meet the demanding market requirements for embossed products, using the latest laser engraving technology.

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Pattern Development

For a variety of wound and folded products including towel, bath tissue, napkins, wipes, nonwovens, textile and film.

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Embossing Machines

Engineered to withstand the rigors of handling heavy embossed rolls and custom-built to exact parameters essential to your application.

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Tissue and towel embossers deliver function and appearance

In discussing whether function or appearance is more important when it comes to tissue and towel embossers, the answer is a definite ‘yes’ from GB Embossing customers. The expectation they have that our tissue and towel embossers deliver on both variables is a key reason why embossing roll pattern development is a critical step in the manufacturing process. Read more >

GB Embossing Tissue Roll

Tissue embossers are your ticket to improved performance

American-made tissue embossers from GB Embossing provide the added benefits of quality control, ease of communication, and the avoidance of supply chain issues that plague overseas producers. Our presence within the Precision Roll Solutions family of companies creates access to shared capabilities not available from most tissue embosser producers. Read more >

Established brands represented by Precision Roll Solutions

The integration of well-known industrial roll suppliers MECA SolutionsIndustrial Engraving, and GB Embossing in Wisconsin, and IR Engraving in Virginia will maintain critical leadership, technical, and application knowledge at each manufacturing facility. To further support collaboration, the company has hired industry veteran Mark Hines as VP of Business Development. Read more >